The Most Popular Superstitions Of Casinos

Some declare themselves agnostic. However, they avoid touching the black cats and decide to cross the street in order not to go under a ladder. Superstitions have always existed and despite being typical of the most religious, the attitude of some players in casinos regarding their lucky charms may be surprising .

Some superstitions are very common and lead to behaviors that you have probably seen before in a movie or television series. Many professional players can be extremely superstitious. This is because the best casino games are based on luck . There are no logical rules and no one controlling the roulette from a distance, everything is based on the algorithm of the machine that causes random movements in the slot or shuffles the cards. An environment so concentrated on chance reinforces the belief in symbols, amulets or certain attitudes that can push that luck in some way.

Blow The Dice

The most famous belief in the world. In any casino you go to, you will find people blowing the dice . The origins of this action are not very clear. It is said that it comes from ancient times, when the first dice were created and before they were thrown, the players would blow to clean them . This seems to be a fairly logical theory, especially if you take into account that another of the behaviors that are seen is that of rubbing the dice (which would have the same origin). The good thing about playing at Casino777 is that there are no dirty dice to worry about, the only thing we advise is that you remember to take care of the hygiene of your computer every day.

Unlucky In Love, Lucky In Game

There is no better time to go to a casino to gamble with your savings than when you have finished your relationship with your partner, right? Well, no! Despite being one of the most listened to phrases regarding casinos, it is one of the worst. If you just broke up with your partner, you may be discouraged, sad, and very emotionally charged . Feeling frustrated and sensitive in a casino can make you make the worst decisions !

Touch Wood

Give the table a few taps with your knuckles before placing your bets or receiving your cards (or showing them to other players in poker). The most popular are easy to see, for example, the famous horse shoe, or the lucky elephant. However, some dealers claim that regular players often wear a specific garment, such as a certain shirt, in which they feel more fortunate.

The fact is that the doors, chairs and other wooden elements receive their attention from these players. The origin is in the ancient belief that trees have a spirit and this protects you from bad luck if you touch it.

The Symbols Of Luck

We see them in every place and almost every possible part of the body. In necklaces, bracelets, key chains, stuffed animals and even tattoos. It is not unusual to see a player rub his watch before placing his bet on Blackjack . The symbols depend on each country and culture, but they are part of our society and there are always people willing to carry one of these lucky charms in their purse .

Table Temperature

If it’s hot , there’s a big prize nearby that is going to explode at any moment. If it is cold , there is nothing to gain. This belief has spread through the game rooms of the most popular casinos in the most interesting way and some are not surprised to see players touch tables as if it were the first time they saw a wooden table with legs to hold it before enjoying.

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